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Dream Spaces: Crafting Your Perfect Bedroom with Furniture, Accessories, and Lighting

Discover the essence of tranquility and personal style with our curated collection of bedroom essentials. From plush beds and chic bedside tables to elegant accessories and serene lighting solutions, we bring together the best of design and comfort. Handpicked from esteemed craftsmen and designers across the globe, every piece beckons you into a realm of relaxation and refined aesthetics.




101 Copenhagen Big Foot Sheepskin Bench: Luxurious Simplicity Redefined The 101 Copenhagen Big Foot Sheepskin Bench presents a harmonious blend of sculptural elegance and organic charm, making it an exquisite...

TOE - Loungesessel

€1.495,00 €2.695,00

The 101 Copenhagen Toe Lounge Chair: A Nostalgic Journey to Futuristic Comfort Steeped in the allure of the 1970s futuristic design and the space age era, 101 Copenhagen presents the...


€1.600,00 €3.835,00

The Hifive Floor Cabinet by Northern: Elevate Your Storage Game In the modern home, where style meets practicality, the Hifive Cabinet from Northern stands out with its contemporary design and...

VALET – Regal


Northern's Valet Wall Console: Masterfully Minimalist Stepping into the intersection of timeless tradition and contemporary sensibility, Northern introduces the Valet Wall Console. Meticulously crafted under the visionary guidance of the...

BALANCER - Stehleuchte


Balancer is a showstopper in both function and form. Expertly crafted in black, powder-coated steel, this floor lamp offers a stunning combination of light, geometry and style. Formed by clean,...

STILK – Couchtisch

€375,00 €690,00

Northern's Stilk Coffee Table: The Epitome of Understated Elegance When it comes to creating a harmonious interior, often less is more. And Northern's Stilk Coffee Table is a testament to...

MASS - Beistelltisch

€540,00 €1.080,00

The Mass Side Table by Northern: A Masterpiece of Function and Art Introducing the Mass Side Table by Northern – where practicality meets contemporary finesse. This uniquely designed piece, a...

PEEK - Spiegel

€215,00 €735,00

Northern's Peek Mirror: Reflections with an Artistic Edge Step into a world where functionality seamlessly merges with art. Northern presents the Peek Mirror series, an exquisite collection that offers more...

HALO LINE - Stehlampe

€1.965,00 €2.450,00

Halo Edition Line Floor Lamp - a new light Halo Line is a monolith of glass and aluminum carved from a solid plate. Its sophisticated linear optic and light diffuser...

FRANCIS - Spiegel

€535,00 €1.960,00

Enhance Your Interiors with the Vivid Francis Wall Mirror by Petite Friture Embrace a captivating blend of art and functionality with the Francis Wall Mirror, a unique and stylish creation...

FIREFLY IN THE SKY - Tischleuchte

€483,00 €558,00

Panzeri FIREFLY IN THE SKY Table Light - Minimalistic outdoor lamp Panzeri FIREFLY IN THE SKY is an IP65 outdoor battery table and peg lamp. The removable head contains magnetic...

AUDACIOUS - Beistelltisch


Umage Audacious Beistelltisch: Eleganz trifft auf Funktionalität Der Audacious Beistelltisch von Umage verbindet nahtlos Ästhetik mit Nützlichkeit und ist damit eine ideale Ergänzung für moderne Wohnräume. Ob neben dem Sofa...

ROW - Teppich

€1.080,00 €2.350,00

Discover the Tranquility of Northern's Row Rug Series Nature is an endless source of inspiration, often revealing its patterns and narratives to those who observe closely. Northern's Row Rug series...

LENS - Pendelleuchte


Bomma Lens - perfect optics of pure crystal Light refracted through a lens is a fundamental principle of optics. Here, two lenses harmoniously encapsulate their interior source, playing a monumental...

HEART'N'SOUL - Konsolentisch

€699,00 €899,00

Umage Heart'n'Soul Konsolentisch: Der Gipfel an Haltbarkeit und Design Enthüllung der perfekten Verschmelzung von Haltbarkeit und Eleganz – der Heart'n'Soul Konsolentisch von Umage. Mit seiner außergewöhnlichen Nanolaminat-Oberfläche ist dieser hölzerne...

NEIL 25 - Pendelleuchte


Neil 25 from Carpyen - The Elegant Alabaster Pendant Light The Neil 25 Pendant Light from Carpyen is a stunning lighting fixture that features an alabaster lampshade. Its elegant design...

NEON - Beistelltisch


Neon Side Table by 101 Copenhagen: A Brilliant Fusion of Light and Function Drawing from the vibrant aesthetics of the 1980s neon design movement, 101 Copenhagen's Neon Side Table reimagines...

SOAP MINI - Pendelleuchte


Bomma Soap Mini Pendelleuchte - Die magische Qualität des Schillerns Die Bomma Soap Mini Pendelleuchte wurde von den vielfältigen Farben, der Transparenz und den sich ständig verändernden Formen inspiriert -...

SOAP SMALL - Pendelleuchte

€568,00 €693,00

Bomma Soap Small Pendant Light - The magical quality of iridescence This Bomma Soap Small Pendant Light was inspired by the varied colors, transparency and continuously changing shapes – the...

GRASS S - Pendelleuchte


Bring Nature Indoors with the Graceful Grass S Pendant Light from Forestier From her Grass collection for French brand Forestier, Jette Scheib emphasizes that it is meant to express the...

MY SPOT - Beistelltisch


Umage My Spot Beistelltisch: Eleganz trifft auf moderne Nützlichkeit My Spot von Umage ist nicht einfach nur ein Beistelltisch. Hier trifft die Anmut des skandinavischen Designs auf die Anforderungen der...

STRALUNATA - Pendelleuchte

€913,00 €949,00

Illuminate your space with the mesmerizing Stralunata Pendant Light by Karman - A perfect blend of modern design and celestial inspiration! The Karman Stralunata Pendant Lamp designed by Matteo Ugolini,...

TROPEZ 82 - Pendelleuchte

€217,00 €195,00

The delicate Globen Tropez 82 Pendant Light The Globen Tropez 82 Pendant Light makes us think of the Mediterranean and the French Riviera, partly due to its material and partly...

MEI A - Wandleuchte

€350,00 €400,00

Carpyen Mei A Wall Light - A modern porcelain twist on the traditional Asian lantern Soft & magical, Carpyen Mei A Wall Light takes us on a dreamy journey to...

Z5 - Pendelleuchte

€385,00 €455,00

Z5 from Ay Illuminate - A natural and bohemian light Introducing the exquisite Z5 Pendant Light by Ay Illuminate, a stunning luminaire from the Z series collection designed by the...

ASTERIA - Pendelleuchte


Umage Asteria Pendant Light - A minimalist art deco lamp Aim for the stars with Umage Asteria Pendant Light! Born at the crossroads of design, technology and craftsmanship, this lamp...

TIM SMALL - Pendelleuchte

€1.736,00 €2.017,00

Bomma Tim small - Purity, clarity and mastery The inspiration for Bomma's Tim lighting collection was a collaboration with the world-renowned director Tim Burton, during one of his exhibitions. The...

SOAP LARGE - Pendelleuchte

€637,00 €767,00

Bomma Soap Large Pendant Light - The magical quality of iridescence This Bomma Soap Large Pendant Light was inspired by the varied colors, transparency and continuously changing shapes – the...

PARROT M - Pendelleuchte


Add a Pop of Colour to Your Space with the Parrot M Pendant Light from Forestier For her Parrot collection for French brand Forestier, Jette Scheib densifies her color palette,...

TORRANO 30 - Pendelleuchte


Introduce some subtle luxury with Globen Lighting's Torrano 30 pendant Upgrade your home decor with the luxurious Torrano 30 pendant from Globen Lighting. Made of solid marble, it features a...

ANOLI 1 MEDIUM - Pendelleuchte


Anoli 1 Medium Pendant Light by Nuura - A natural nordic gold design The Anoli 1 Medium pendant light from the Danish lighting brand Nuura is made of materials of...

2THIRTY 2 - Stehlampe


The ‘2Thirty Floor’ by Trizo21 is a design with a nod to the 1970s, with the technology of the future. A unique feature of the ‘2Thirty Floor’: each light source...

MEI MOVIL 6 - Pendelleuchte

€1.690,00 €2.160,00

Carpyen Mei Movil 6 Pendant Light - A modern porcelain twist on the traditional Asian lantern Soft & magical, Carpyen Mei Movil 6 Pendant Light takes us on a dreamy...

MEI B - Pendelleuchte

€325,00 €375,00

Carpyen Mei B Pendant Light - A modern porcelain twist on the traditional Asian lantern Soft & magical, Carpyen Mei B Pendant Light takes us on a dreamy journey to...

MEI A - Pendelleuchte

€270,00 €330,00

Carpyen Mei A Pendant Light- A modern porcelain twist on the traditional Asian lantern Soft & magical, Carpyen Mei A Pendant Light takes us on a dreamy journey to oriental...

PEBBLE MEDIUM - Pendelleuchte


Entdecken Sie die charmante und umweltfreundliche Ay Illuminate's Pebble Medium Pendelleuchte Die innovative Pebble Medium Pendelleuchte von Ay Illuminate ist eine bemerkenswerte Beleuchtungslösung, die die Verwendung von Materialien im Design...

CIRC - Wandleuchte

€370,00 €420,00

The CIRC A-3722 Wall Light by Estiluz, uniqueness in simplicity. Sconce globes can be encircled with a slender metal ring or balanced on a metal bar. Indoor uses include hallways...

CIRC - Wandleuchte

€595,00 €745,00

Two in one done right, the CIRC A-3706 - Wall Light by Estiluz Mirrors that reflect and illuminate: round or racetrack ovals are ideal for bathrooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms and...

CANUT A-3571 - Wandleuchte

€515,00 €560,00

The CANUT A-3571 - Wall Light from Estiluz, Streamlined to perfection. Two independently adjustable reading lights mounted horizontally allows one to read without disturbing the rest of a sleeping partner....

CANUT A-3570 - Wandleuchte

€416,00 €429,00

Two independently adjustable reading lights mounted horizontally allows one to read without disturbing the rest of a sleeping partner.

Über Bedroom

A bedroom is more than just a place to rest—it's a sanctuary, a personal space where every element harmoniously converges to reflect your essence. Our collection invites you to weave together furniture, accessories, and lighting in a way that not only ensures restful nights but also mornings full of inspiration.

Crafting a soothing bedroom atmosphere involves a dance between furniture and lighting. Begin with the bed, your centerpiece, and ensure it exudes comfort and style. Complement it with functional furniture pieces like wardrobes, dressers, or bedside tables. Once your primary furniture is in place, introduce lighting. Use ambient lighting like a soft-glowing chandelier or recessed lights for general illumination. Add bedside lamps or wall sconces for task lighting, useful for reading or nighttime routines. The key is to ensure a warm, even glow, avoiding harsh lights which can disrupt relaxation. Soft dimmable lights or warm-toned bulbs can further enhance the room's coziness.

Bedroom accessories act as the harmonizing notes that connect furniture and lighting. Soft, textured linens and throws can echo the comfort of your bed, while decorative cushions can introduce color and patterns that resonate with the room's theme. Wall art, whether above the bed or across the room, can reflect or absorb lighting, influencing the room's mood. Mirrors, strategically placed, can amplify light and create a sense of spaciousness. Small bedside accessories like books, clocks, or decorative trinkets can add personality and charm. And never underestimate the power of plants or candles – they introduce natural elements and scents that enhance relaxation. By thoughtfully selecting these accessories, you can craft a bedroom where furniture and lighting coexist in perfect harmony.

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